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Girls in Ropes

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About Me

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

I'm your average 15 year old guy who is fascinated by a Japanese style of art called manga (Anime).
I started drawing 4 years ago, and was crap, but over the years I got better and better...
Then I found the 3D artist inside me and now I do mostly 3D art!

Wanna see me!?
Well... if you dont want to have to get a new PC screen, look away!


Extra bits!

I'm your average goth, and I'm short sighted!
So I have to wear glasses most of the time!

Fav quote: You tried and you failed. The moral? Dont try at all!

Favorite Stuff

My fav things you ask?

Favorite TV Show: SpongeBob and Pokemon
Favorite Movie: Dunnoo
Favorite Music: any aslong as its death metal
Favorite Book: Dont read much
Favorite Sports Team: EW! SPORTS!? No thanks!
Favorite Food: Lasagna
People I Most Admire: Jennifer from TUG forums! 

Cuteness x10